I'm kate, 18 and from vermont. I'll have a pic soon hopefully. As for me I like going to concerts, hanging out with friends and playing bass and guitar. Bands that don't suck: anthrax poison thrice brand new river city rebels oar dashboard confessional cannibal corpse soulfly morphues killswitch engage sworn enemy bon jovi the pist "there's an army on the dance floor it's a fashion with a gun my love in a room without a door a kiss is not enough"


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Dec 3, 2003

wow haven't been here for a while...oh well i've been pretty busy so i guess that's understandable. i'm not going to work today! i love those kids but i defently could use a day off. Me and emma are going to get together on thursday and just kind of fuck around with stuff music wise. were starting an emo band because i'm a nostalgic emo kid haha and she's a pissed off emo kid so we figured hey might as well put some of our bitching to music. anyways i'm on the accoustic for thursday, she's on bass. typically i do the bass but she doesn't have a clue how to play guitar. not saying that i do though, i think i suck at it and my primary insterment is bass but we'll see how it goes. I was reading through back entires of this and just to keep things up to date i don't ever want to see dave again. typically i would never intentally cut off all contact with a person...but he did something really unforgivable and i don't think i can ever be the same around him. fuck i don't feel comfertable around him anymore. not to mention he sat there and told me he cared about me and such and then destroyed it all....grrrrr i dont like that kid one bit. i suspose i should actully get dressed for today although my bon jovi shirt is great i need to put something else on thats a bit more warm, my house has no heat i swear. i want to cuddle...NOW! haha. none of my friends like to cuddle though so i remain cold.

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Nov 20, 2003

Silence embraces these cold winter nights

Just before the snow begins to fall I feel you by my side

No warmth Iím still fucking freezing

Lament I hold you close to my heart

Searching for something anything

To make me feel again

The more Iíve searched the further away I find myself

Screaming inside so much I want to say

Laughing on the outside only to disguise my eyes

Letting myself get close only to fall further away


We dream of cities on fire

And skies of reds and purples

Driving just to see the stars from the windows

Our past in the mirrors

Cracked and fragile the pieces arenít shattered yet

But itís so close to being broken

Just so you know

Winter comes and winter goes

And I canít hold on for too long

False promises hold me captive

I want to believe you more then you know

Forgive my hesitation but youíre eyes donít tell me the same


Thought I heard youíre voice yesterday

Thought I could maybe see youíre eyes

In the stars of cloudy skies

Thought I felt you by my side

Thought I saw youíre smile

In the cracks of worn down side walks

Thought i could maybe put my arms around you

But you werenít there

Winter brings moments of nostalgia

Sometimes itís colder then it seems for November

Posted at 11:33 pm by xbrokendreamsx
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Nov 7, 2003
last night

last night, fuck i can't even describe it. i met dave for the first time, he was tall and had blonde/brown hair and blue eyes and kind of the whole snowboarder style going for him. anyways i'm not going to get into the detals of the night but it was amazing. we were hanging out on the side of this bridge (you have to climb down the rocks to get to) and anyways it was great it felt like being down there was an esacpe from the "real" world i mean it seemed like we were in a completly different place there and nothing mattered except that moment, he also knows exactly what to say and when. sometimes it's hard to trust him but i'm letting myself and i don't know that worries me some. he thinks i'm such an amazing person and i don't know i think that's nice of him to say but i don't think i'm as great as he makes me out to be. but anyways enough about that i'm hungry as hell and have about 12 new rave cds (he's a DJ as well) to listen to so i'm off. peace.

oh yeah today's my birthday...i'm 19

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Nov 5, 2003
another poem

i could push these buttons
on this imperfect object of perfection
and speak slowly as to catch myself
so i can hide my thoughts and keep them inside
give you no experessions or feelings
no hints to my intentions
i could stay silent for every seven minutes
and hold my breath until then
but you would only tell me
i sound beautiful
i could throw this away and run far from the ringing
forget a person who was an imperfect object of perfection
stop myself from feeling these thoughts
and cease to beleive this was for a reason
but you would only tell me i was right
a contemplative situation
with so much more to loose or mabye to gain
i'm looking ahead to the distance
to find out what may become of all this
and all you say is i inspire you tonight


holy shit..this isn't good, why am i inspried by someone that i can never feel anything for no matter the temptation. why am i debating weither or not to call him or not cause i won't be home tonight, does it matter? ah fuck why can i not get this out of my mind. maybe i should text message him? a bit informal but maybe? should i even be thinking these things? i don't want to i can't let myself think this. ah that last line hits me hard his poetry last night amazed me, he wrote two just about what he was feeling talking to me and then said i inspire him...that's a little too intense for me to just forget about but i have to.

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you're words fall like stars
aimlessly against the power of my thoughts
i can't stop this falling
an experience of something i never will explain
i cannot see you
but you're eyes hold me captive
the beauty of sparks and silver linings
steal every last breath preventing me from taking it in
these stars will sting like hell when they hit
why am i not running?


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ummm what the fuck?!!?!?!?!? this has got to be the most fucked up night of my entire life serisously. oh man im not even going to try and make sense of this right now. litteraly i had one good thing turn into something incredible and undecrsible and then another not as great but defently good thing happen and its screwing with my head and then another thing to happen that will inveatalbe add to my confuseion. fuck man fuck

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Nov 4, 2003
lets see if this works...

<!--Begin PowerWebMusic.com Code -->
<script language="javascript">var song = "82";</script>
<script src="http://www.powerwebmusic.com/music.js"></script>
<!--End PowerWebMusic.com Code --> 
im hoping this will work if it does im going to be very fucking happy..

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Nov 3, 2003
good song..no clue who its by

i didnt know what to think
when you wrote your number on the back of my hand
i figured i'd stick around to see what you had planne
hopefully being myself is good enough
cause it's the only thing i know
i don't know what you have planned for us
but i'll go wherever you want to go
id give anything to know what you're thinking right now
because stomachs tied in knots don't seem to mean a thing
i wish i knew how you do it
cause every day i spend with you becomes the best day of my life
i know im warm by now but i havent stopped shaking yet
i'll take another deep breath try to calm down a bit
you showed me how wonderful it could be
falling asleep holding someones hand
couldn't take my eyes off you if i tried
but why would i even want to?
id give anything to know what youre thinking right now
cause stomachs tied in knots dont seem to mean a thing
i wish i knew how you do it
cause every day i spend with you
becomes the best day of my life
i wish i knew how you do it
cause every day i spend with you
becomes the best day of my lif
i wish i knew how you do it
cause every day i spend with you
becomes the best day of my life....

Posted at 01:32 pm by xbrokendreamsx
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poison is the greatest band in the world

  fuck poison is the greatest band in the world..that just needs to be said. as of right now though im listening to don't cry by gnr i forgot all about this song until last night when i heard it on my tv and i was just like fuck this is a great song, jeremy doesn't like it though makes him sad for some reason i can see how the lyrics could but i don't know the story behind it. ah i can't help but love it though..reminds me of looking at stars on the beach a few summers ago so it kind of makes me all nostalgic. speaking of last night..ah what can i say it was great. we both feel asleep for a ltitle while though but it was good. really good. i'm not going to get into detals or anything like that but i can't wait till i see him again. guess i don't have much to say right now so i'm off. peace.

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Oct 30, 2003
look what the cat dragged in

damn last night was great, i hanged out with jeremey once again until pretty much 3am. it was good for reasons im not going to get into but needless to say i had a great time. and i can eat again! at least i think...i haven't been able to eat for the last 2 days and now its starting to catch up to me, hence getting very tired easily and having to lay down plus i think i lost weight witch surprises the hell out of me cause i never loose weight nor do i try to fuck im already too skinny but it defently seemed like i lost a few pounds haha well that wont last since im going to eat a lot today to make up for the days i didnt get to eat. im still wondering what i am doing halloween night, theres this really cool party that i want to go to..jeremey invited me and andrew and emma want me to go as well but brian will be here and i don't know if he could come as well, i don't think it would be a problem but it's not my party so i can't just invite all my friends to come along with me as well. damn tv dinners take way too long even in the microwave...haha im impaitent. anyways im off. peace.

Posted at 12:57 pm by xbrokendreamsx
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